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Now a Group Leader, at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, at UCL, in London. Before, I was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University.  In December 2012 I joined Carlos Brody’s lab, where I studied neural basis of parametric working memory.

From Fall 2018, I started my lab at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre. We are always looking to recruit talented researchers. Please contact me if interested!

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Attractors, Memory 

& Perception

Hippocampus, Memory

& Perception

Image by Moritz von Heimendahl and Marco Gigante

can we explain these differences?

Umberto Boccioni


read this passage by William James from 1918:

"The stream of thought flows on; but most of its segments fall into the bottomless abyss of oblivion. Of some, no memory survives the instant of their passage. Of others, it is confined to a few moments, hours, or days. Others, again, leave vestiges which are indestructible, and by means of which they may be recalled as long as life endures. Can we explain these differences?" William James, The Principles of Psychology, 1918

and see this series of three paintings (State of Mind I, II, III) by Umberto Boccioni from 1911:

State of The Mind III

Those Who Stay